Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009.12.26 — Alone In My Thoughts: A Poem

Alone in my thoughts,
I think alone
And the world goes on.
I think, at first, without me.
Then later, much much later,
I think 'How silly is that!
My breath is the air of life — no breath no thought.'

A baked bean is small compensation
For a lonely life,
So I endeavour to be happy and
Fulfilled without acquaintances or friendship.

Don't mistake me for a hermit!
I love the sound of laughter,
The chattering mundanities of love gone wrong
The price of oranges
And the hard lot of the Saskatchewan farmer during this drought.
But I am alone in my thoughts;
And I prefer it that way.

Before me stands a tall graceful cedar,
The air moves its limbs.
I write a Haiku:
Verdant cedar. Bend
Bow before the wind, bounce back
Solitary soul.
Alone with my thoughts,
Crying is hard to do,
And laughing, too.

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