Saturday, August 16, 2014

2014.08.16 — Yogathon Vancouver 2014 and Blather

There are changes in my life. And so I find myself struggling between writing a blog about my having completed 108 rounds of yoga’s Surya Namaskar. And here is a good visual introduction:

Four months ago that would have been impossible for me to do. Such is how quickly the mind and body can change when mind and body and intention are working together. For her immeasurable help in making manifest such a change, I extend my heartfelt thank you to Babeeta Chabbra and her practice of Ravi Shankar’s Sri Sri Yoga.

(Although I confess to beginning to feel a bit of stiffness in my arms and shoulders as I write this.) The yogathoner beside me extended final relaxation:

Another accomplishment, of sorts, was reached this week while I wasn’t looking. My stories and poems published in the European reader/writer web page, Readwave, have been read 5000 times. A few weeks before that I learned that one of my stories, ‘Whose Déjà Vu,’ has been read by over 1000 readers!

And I have chosen to take a leave of absence from Facebook. Does that count as an accomplishment or as foolishness? I did get praise from one of my FB friends for this bold step. On FB. One of the side benefits of de-FBing my Self is finding more time to blog.

I am not sure it is entirely warranted, as better would have been to unfriend my few friends and delete my account. But since I expect to be back on, I have held off extirpating my Self from it. We’ll see.

Tonight I am torn between writing this blog and writing a real pen-to-paper letter to a friend. I love writing both. And I am missing my friend, as I have so much to share, and my BFF has become for a time out of touch.

Would food blogging be worthwhile? I have, in the last year, become the family cook. This has included my watching cooking shows on TV — haven't gone to YouTube yet, though! And it seems that food blogging is popular. (What was that movie with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams about Julia Child? Julia and Me, I think. Nope: Julie and Julia.) I have been taking some pictures, which I have occasionally posted on FB. But I don’t like the natural lighting in my kitchen, and haven’t set it up with the required lighting to compensate. We’ll see. I might, but I'm not enough of a foodie yet. [Odd fushigi — As I’m writing this Laurie Brown on CBC R2’s the Signal said ‘Let’s talk about food.’ And proceeded to talk about the history of jello. It goes back to the 1600s.] A friend has been encouraging me to write a cook book, the thought of which I find premature. Or it would be a very short one. But I have begun keeping track, with pen and paper, of my variations on recipes. We’ll see. Yes, we’ll see an example of my having taken a picture of the tarragon I crushed to prepare it for becoming vinegar.

This effort, tonight, seems to be less a blog than a blot in the blogosphere. A disjointed mess. Perhaps that is in part because I got about four hours sleep last night before an early alarm clock woke me to a day filled with yoga and people and busy-ness.

And with that I will finish. My eyes are starting to not see straight. And I do want to put pen to paper before I crash for the night.