Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009.12.26 — Alone In My Thoughts: A Poem

Alone in my thoughts,
I think alone
And the world goes on.
I think, at first, without me.
Then later, much much later,
I think 'How silly is that!
My breath is the air of life — no breath no thought.'

A baked bean is small compensation
For a lonely life,
So I endeavour to be happy and
Fulfilled without acquaintances or friendship.

Don't mistake me for a hermit!
I love the sound of laughter,
The chattering mundanities of love gone wrong
The price of oranges
And the hard lot of the Saskatchewan farmer during this drought.
But I am alone in my thoughts;
And I prefer it that way.

Before me stands a tall graceful cedar,
The air moves its limbs.
I write a Haiku:
Verdant cedar. Bend
Bow before the wind, bounce back
Solitary soul.
Alone with my thoughts,
Crying is hard to do,
And laughing, too.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009.12.20 — Quiet Thoughts: A December Poem

Quiet Thoughts In A December Mall

The rains of winter in Vancouver fall;
At times lightly, at times vigorously
Artificial snow falls from shop windows
In malls with cloud darkened skylights.
Somehow, despite the hurrying big people dragging
Tired small people in quick
Marches to
Nowhere obvious, I find peace here.
I quiet my mind as I sit.
I connect with us all and gently laugh at
My foibles I see in us.
Hurry scurry, hurry scurry to where we
Already are.
Yes, this is me. In a rush to where I am.
In a mall.
Watching winter rains