Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011.01.02 — Of Dreams and Pair of Fushigi* Feet

The fushigis have been pouring in! Too many to document, but the following is just too weird to not make the effort.

It begins with my correspondence with SMF about lots of things, two of them being dreams and mind/body connection.

From e.missive to SMF 2011.01.01 (11 pm)
Back to dreams. So when I dreamt the dream of the motorcycle it was simply a dream. That was until later that day when my mother told us that one of the regulars to the drop-in centre she volunteered in announced out of the blue that he was going back east. He told her that he had no desire to carry his Honda 50 motorcycle back with him because it was broken, and gave it to my mother for our family. You have no idea how excited we all were! Unfortunately it's frame was broken and was unrideable. My handyman grandfather wasn't going to be able to fix it until the following weekend, which seemed like an eternity for us kids. But that night I dreamt it was fixed the following day, and sure enough, he drove up unannounced with his welding gear and fixed the bike.

When I was 21 I remember walking into my new place of work, on day one, in the big city of Vancouver. When I opened the door I was stunned. I had seen the room before, down to the last detail. I recognized the dot matrix printers, the woman at the desk, the colours and the feeling the room evoked. As clear as a bell. I've had several similar experiences with dreams throughout my life. And, I've been precognitive at times to the extent that I have been in a conversation and suddenly I recognize the conversation from a dream and can, occasionally, even remember the dream so well that I can anticipate what is going to be said. That hasn't happened too often, but just often enough that I cannot dismiss as irrational or stupid or silly what ever it is that comprises dream-energy. Such experiences change forever how you react to dreams and to the apparent time-line we associate with physical reality. However, no amount of relaying such experiences to the 'rationalist' can convince them that rationalism is a weak structure built on foundations buried in the unconscious.

[And] I used to have serial dreams, dreams that would continue the next night from where they left off the previous night. Those were fun.

The not so fun dreams I used to have on a regular basis were the falling dreams. I would trip over a crack in the sidewalk, fall forward, but the sidewalk would have disappeared. Or I would be on a swing, but the down swing would never reach the bottom and go back up and so I kept falling. At some point I read about lucid dreaming. Now that set my dreaming world free, because the falling became a clue to me, in my dream, that I was dreaming. And once that awareness happened, I would think "Hey! I'm dreaming, so I can do anything!" And then I would fly. I visited the stars on many occasions.
From e.missive to SMF 2011.01.02 (1 am)
Anyway, at about 28, I had had enough of my feet being chronically cold. I mean an icy cold that could chill a bathtub of hot water. I realized (as a small awakening, I guess), that my cold feet were because I'd removed my Self from them, had left them 'out in the cold,' so to speak. So I began to imagine that my feet existed within my heart, that my body's wholeness included touching the ground with my heart in my feet. I proceeded to visualize that there was no separation or barriers between my heart and feet and Self. I did this for about a year or eighteen months. Eventually my feet stopped being cold. The process was largely without words.
Now for the fushigis.
Top 2 on Blog List 2011.01.02
This morning, after completing various things, I took a quick look at my blog list, and was very surprised at the top two items. [See snapshot right.] This is already an interesting fushigi

But, even that doesn't tell the whole fushiginess, because the blogs themselves are even more interesting.

From 52 Weeks of Wordage, with the title:
Nice to Meet You, Foot. Oh, you want to live inside my mouth?
That's a little weird, but okay... I guess that's doable.
When taking NyQuil, one surely will get a solid block of uninterrupted sleep, but one will also have strangely and terrifyingly lucid dreams.
I have a hard time differentiating between dreamland and reality on a normal basis, but this problem is exacerbated by NyQuil, and I frequently wake up thinking that what has just happened in my dream did, in fact, happen in real life, and it takes quite a bit of mental stamina to separate the two. I'm sure that I am walking around today with memories in my head that have actually never happened.
And this has an amazing correspondence to what SMF wrote about dreams and memory:
Which reminds me, I've been thinking a lot about how we never actually "dream" of anything at all. Even our projections of the future are memories, as we have no dealings with the future. That is why our dreams sometimes look differently when we get there. We hadn't had the experience to remember into our dream yet...Which makes sleeping dreams so amazing, as they use our images and tactile experiences to create completely new arrangements... and for what purpose?"
Now, from At the Half Note, with the title In My Dreams, in which KB shares an interesting dream, which ends with:
It didn't matter because when the clouds cleared, I saw that I was never in danger, I had always been standing with my [bare] feet on the ground, and the rest... it was just an illusion.
Now, if I am to fully complete this, I could add that in the series "Bly & Woodman on Men & Women" I have been transcribing from Betamax tap to the computer last night Bly cited a poem about leaping off a cliff to fly like an eagle (as metaphor for living your 'dream') life, and talks about the meaning of the firebird in their fairy tale flying to to one's rescue from an un-lived life.

Life's subtle interconnections are interesting!


  1. I enjoyed 52 Weeks of Wordage very much! Thank you for passing it along, and the connections made...very fushigi. (When googling that word, your blog comes up on the first page. Great publicity! :) I am interested in you and your cold feet, and how that image of them connected with your heart turned it around.

    Anyone open to fushigi moments will get them, as you demonstrate here. I am eager to read more.

  2. Thank you MM. 52weeks is a lot of fun.
    I'll let you know how the feet heart thing worked in an e.mail.