Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2011.10.19 — A Drift of Haiku

It has been a while since I've posted any Haiku here, even though I've been participating in a Haiku game from Goodreads, and decided to post some of the one's I've written for it.

The fun part of the game it so link your poem with the previous one. I of course am frequently unable to resist the temptation to create a bit of a tongue in cheek poem. So, given that and that they were written over the course of almost three weeks, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the one's I decided were worthy of blogging formed, loosely and after a bit of re-organization, a kind of story,

So, extracts from the Goodreads Weekly Short Stories Contest and Company! group's Haiku Game.

Her skin was the milk
of the gibbous moon caressed
by a kitten's tongue.

I am full of want
And want for nothing but you
in Barcelona.

Red-eyed night reading
forgettable prose alone
on a plane from Rome.

She had me in the chair.
I didn't know that her name
wasn't Chastity.

The strand of her hair
was coiled stark red in the dawn's
new bar of white soap.

When I left childhood
I parted my hair sideways
to wash out regrets.

The cat in the hat
licked her lips, combed her whiskers
and smiled his sad smile.

The morning talker
Forgot to remember that
unsaid words are best.

The moon surprised me
it was full behind dark clouds
where I was empty.

Who am I to be?
The tree stood as quiet as grace
One hundred feet tall.

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