Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012.09.11 — Living or not: A Pixar-ated Fushigi*

It began with an extended discussion with a field technician about a peculiar telecom equipment relocation because of a renovation. In the end I will be meeting with him tomorrow on site to discuss the peculiar nature of the job. One of the complications is that the very secure and isolated offices of Pixar is a tenant of the Vancouver building, which adds a level of difficulty to the relocation that may require an interruption of services. My needing to visit a site for this kind of move is very unusually at this stage of the work because normally the visit occurs before the design the work is done, not after.

The fushigi occurred on my drive home. I noticed an odd licence plate in the car in front of me, a silver-grey 1 or 2 year old Toyota — a Corrolla (I think). What was unusual is that there were no numbers. At first I thought that there was no plate, but in fact some kind of stand-in was there, or was a back of the larger chrome-like licence plate holder. I was puzzled, because the grey was much like the grey of the new Apple track pad, and did not look like the exposed car beneath its plate. I looked to see if I could see a temporary licence in the window, but did not see one. I also looked for a regular licence there, but nothing. So I re-looked at the blank "plate", and noticed that the heavy thickish buffed metal plate holder was stamped with Pixar Animations.

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