Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016.01.24 — Today I Wrote a Short Poem Tanka Style — Resonance

Well, to honour my effort at reviving my blog, what better way to hinder that, not much less than not posting at all, but to post a short poem. A poem I wrote today for Week 296 of Poetry Stuffage in the WSS in Goodreads. And if you could follow that sentence you get my highest praise and respect, because could I have written a more convoluted and horrible one?

The topic of the week is The Space Between. (If you read these before Jan 31 2016, write a poem and enter it just for fun!)

Anyway, here is a some words in the shape of poem styled in the English version of Japanese Tanka:


There are no more words.
The silence has stony weight
So precarious
That what had been seen as sound
No longer has resonance.

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