Monday, August 23, 2010

2010.08.23 — '...don't mess with nature.'

I typed this from Jung's Man and His Symbols:

But this is a mere slogan, for the so-called conquest of nature overwhelms us with the natural fact of overpopulation and adds to our troubles by our psychological incapacity to make the necessary political arrangements. It remains quite natural for men to quarrel and to struggle for superiority over one another. How then have we conquered nature? (P91 - also, p598 of CW18. and p101 in cloth edition.) 

I finished typing that and turned the TV on to an old, but new to me, episode of ‘The Dog Whisperer.’ In this episode, the client, after a brief discussion said ‘What you’re saying is don't mess with nature.' Cesar responded, ‘That’s right. Don’t mess with nature.’

I think that that is a quite funny fushigi.


  1. pretty cool coincidence.

  2. Ah, but to quote an animated tortoise, 'There are no coincidences.'

    Okay, so he wasn't the first to say it, and likely won't be the last and the natural world will be split between those who subscribe to the theory of endless coincidences, and those who do not.