Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010.11.01 — Where's the Cheese? In Agassiz — a Fushigi

The blog that can't help but be made irrelevant extends that into inane cheesiness.

This morning at work, BV asked me to check out the main-frame application she was using. 'Have you seen this before?' she asked. BV asked not just because we sit in the same pod, but because I am far far more experienced with this application than is BV. As it turned out, I hadn't seen this particular problem before. After poking and prodding the application, it became clear that shutting it down and restarting was at the very least needed and which would hopefully re-align the electrons in their clouds to improve the weird output we were seeing. And in fact, that turned out to fix the problem, which was to check for what are called 'binder' comments on the record for a cable in the Agassiz exchange area of BC.

In typical fushigi fashion, nothing special in this — except, perhaps, for my not having seen this trouble before despite having more than fifteen years of experience with the application. Otherwise I would not have seen on BV's computer that the trouble happened to have occurred in one of BC's small exchanges.

As you can see it is a farming community.

And so it came to pass that later that night, while flipping through the TV stations, I stopped when I heard the host of 'Pitchin' In,' chef Lynn Crawford, comment about being in Agassiz, in the beautiful Fraser Valley, looking to learn about everything that goes into artisan goat cheese. But you might want to say that this is not a fushigi because I watch 'Ptichin' In' regularly. Well, that's just not the thing, because I've at best watched it occasionally, perhaps even rarely — in its one and half seasons, Agassiz's cheese was the 4th episode I've seen — the other three being Lobster, Oranges, and Pigs. Also, this was the first time I've watched it on a Monday, my previously exposures to it having been on weekends. And the only reason I stumbled into it this time was because my 'normal' Monday night viewing was disrupted by the World Series and repeats.

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