Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010.11.23 — Germaine Greer vs. Larry Zolf

My friend RT asked me to watch the Germaine Greer vs. Larry Zolf interview clip from the CBC Archives:

Germaine Greer vs. Larry Zolf

Medium: Television
Program: Midweek
Broadcast Date: Oct. 28, 1971
Guest(s): Joe Borowski, Germaine Greer
Interviewer: Larry Zolf

And she also asked for my reaction. I wound up leaving a comment on the CBC's archive page (or at least I tried to — it was a confused and poorly functioning forum). But here is what I wrote:
GG handled herself with remarkable control and restraint even as it was becoming evident that LZ was not just playing a sexist devil's advocate but was genuinely condescending in his facile effort to undermine GG's credibility. It was a truly pathetic effort, on LZ's part, to use red herring class arguments to try to belligerently shut up GG. (And, weirdly enough, it reminds me of the condescending criticism Naomi Klein faced for her book No-Logo when, instead of arguing the merits or weaknesses of her book's argument, critic after critic tried to to shame her for being a hypocrite for having had the book published with an interesting cover.) On the one hand I was a little saddened to see that Canadian journalism has had its own arrogant, ignorant, condescending Bill O'Reilly's in their so-called 'hallowed' halls. On the other hand, this interview was a nice touch stone, for me, that re-affirmed just how big a gulf existed between male and female equality forty years ago, and how far it has come.

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