Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012.01.22 — Did I Dream It? A Fushigi*

Today I was doing a more thorough clean-up of my office library space than I usually do, and in the process came across an oldish sticky with some of my scribbles hidden away under the keyboard.
Of course, now that I've found them I remember very well that dreamy *fushigi that began on Friday, November 25th, 2011.

It began as these things always do, without fanfare. Although there was something slightly odd about that Friday. My work day began with an unexpected 3rd party e.mail that had been delivered the previous evening. Its contents
required that I do a site visit relating to an unsafe situation. That kind of urgency rarely happens in my job, although it is definitely a part of it.

However, when I began to arrange to leave the office I learned that all of the pool vehicles had already been booked or were gone. That is extremely rare. But now I needed to see if any of the bookings had been cancelled or if any of the other techs would be willing to defer their field work.

My first query was with BH, who said that she had to go out. But because I know the area of the city she covers, which is adjacent to that which I cover, I asked if I could join her. She said she didn't mind and so we went out together. This brought back fond memories of when I was training her in the job as a design tech. And since I always enjoyed her company the site visit all of a sudden became far more than just routine.

All that is unusual, even rare, but not particularly interesting. But the day became interesting when, for the first time despite all our shared field trips and office exchanges in eight years, we wound up talking about dreams. What she did not know, of course, is that I have read and studied dreams quite extensively. It turns out that BH is a prolific dreamer with dreams that have powerful and suggestive imagery. She was shocked when I told her that most people do not even remember their
dreams. She had assumed, without ever asking, that everyone dreamt like her. 'No,' I told her, 'they do not.' The discussion was diverse and the trip became fun and quietly meaningful. Her sudden and sincere interest in her dreams prompted me to tell her I'd be happy to lend her one of my dream books. On the following Monday I happily shared with her Gayle Delaney's oddly titled Living Your Dreams:Using Sleep to Solve Problems and Enrich You Life.

Fushigi #1:
Later that night I listened to CBC Radio2's The Signal's podcast of
Thursday night's show (#71 Nov 24). The last song, @49:51, is Heavy Sleep, by Tasseomancy. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the lyrics on the web. They are very interesting and the video is excellent — except for how it ends.

Fushigi #2:
A few days later, 2011.12.01 did something I rarely do, which is listen to The Signal live via the web. And to clarify, 'rarely' means less than 6 times in the year. And very early on in the show, I heard:

You Only Dream To Test Me by Matthew Maaskant.
Here are the lyrics.
long long time ago, when before there was
you were my reason, you were my because
you only dream to test me
to see how far I go
well your memories haven't left me
if that's what you want to know
I only puzzle the pieces
when I want you to take me home
It's time that I tried to meet you
It's time you were left alone
long long time ago
when before there was
you were my reason
you were my because
bodies attempting people
fall in love with a different face
they learn that there are no equals
when you're floating in outer space

A fun fushigi.

Note: the lovely photograph of the dream catcher woman belongs to SheeshJackie. Please visit her blog DeviantArt.


  1. How interesting. My dreams have always been very intriguing and inspiring. Like your friend, I was surprised to hear not many people remember their dreams. How horrible that would be! I think I'm going to have to read your tab on 'Fushigi'. I don't think I get the concept of the subject.

  2. Oooh, never mind. I get it now. :]

  3. Alex, dreams are indeed interesting. BH said exactly the same thing that you did when I told her people don't remember their dreams: 'How horrible!' The exact same adjective.

    And another great book on dreams is by the Jungian analyst Marie-Louise von Franz, The Way of the Dream.

  4. It is horrible! Dreams are beautiful things.

    I'll have to check the books out. Thanks!