Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012.01.03 — To Micturate or Not to Micturate: That is the fushigi*

To not an inconsiderable relief to both reader and me, this fushigi is going to be no bigger than the contents of a full bladder or two. And it begins with a quasi-metaphysical discussion on the role of concentration in the … blah, blah blah blah blahhhhh.

Restart. In the morning, after our Christmas and New Year's breaks from work, RT and were chatting. At some point I mentioned that strange things happen around my wife, especially as regards to things that people do. 'For example,' I said, 'one day, when she returned to her car in underground parking after grocery shopping, she saw a man
urinating against the wall right beside it. I think that this is an unusual experience, because while people do piss in underground parking lots, it is a bit odd that this was in the late morning, with a few feet of a large supermarket in a mall.

Then RT quietly confirms that the universe is full of the unusual by commenting that she saw that one time too. 'Someone pissing beside your car?' I asked. 'No,' she said, 'I was in a car when I saw it. But what was really disconcerting is that it was a woman. There she was, squatting down right there in a parking lot, in full view from the street. I guess, when you gotta go you gotta go.'

Curious. I haven't seen this kind of thing.

Well, you haven't seen anything yet. Much later in the day, near the end of the work day, BH dropped in for a post-holiday visit. BH has recently become fascinated with dreams and the possibility of them being meaningful. And so our conversation turned that way and she described a recent dream that she found particularly puzzling. In the dream she was with her (physically) dead mother and another woman she didn't know. At some point in the dream, the other woman squatted down and peed.

When was the last time in one day did two disparate people tell you about seeing women micturating in public?

2012.01.05 Addendum
Well, maybe peeing women is in the
air, because when I told RT l had in fact created this blog, she laughed and then asked "Did you hear about the woman peeing on a painting, an expensive one in gallery?'

'No. Are you serious?'

Later that day I went and found the story Woman Pees On, About, or Around Clyfford Still Painting.

The painting, 1957-J-No.2 has an estimated value of $30M.

2012.01.14: Addendum
Today, after getting back from shopping with a late take out lunch, my wife and I watched the last 2/3rd of the movie Wild Target. It is a very funny British comedy. Within about 10 minutes of where we came into the film, the Emily Blunt character, after nearly being assassinated in a car park feels the need to pee and proceeds to do so between two cars.

Oh! And what now makes this even more amusing, the plot begins with an art fraud con perpetrated by Blunt's character.

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