Monday, February 20, 2012

2012.02.20 — Drawing pictures with mouse and keyboard (A River of Stones#2-20)

Drawing pictures with mouse and keyboard
asserts that creativity unbinds the limits
of technology.


  1. You need to post more!!! :]

    Your haiku/poetry always pleasant, brisk and sometimes enlightening even when written simply about the simplest things. Sometimes it evens makes me hungry. ;]

  2. Al, thank you for the kind words! My writing this weekend has been interrupted by a bad case of food poisoning. A few hours ago I was purging, seriously! Now I'm dehydrated, stomach hurts, and am sipping fluids to restore some kind of balance. We'll see what kind of Haiku I can make of that. LoL. What I'd hoped to do was finish the real actual short story I started last night for WSS, but it will now be put off.

  3. No! Finish that story!

    Yikes!!! I hope you're doing better now. I HATE food poisoning. It's definitely not fun. Make sure to eat some warm homemade soup when you're feeling up to eating anything or frozen custard. My grandmother swears by that stuff. :]

  4. Starting to feel better, still a bit weak and stomach still grumbling. Instead of soup I've had some porridge — hey, I'm Canadian, after all! And I'm getting ready to get back to the story, but it will be forced to wait until after I finish making & eating supper and then cleaning up.

  5. I'm glad you're better! I look forward to reading your story.