Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012.04.21 — Young Writing Talent: Introducing the Poetry of Jessica of the WSSCC

Today this blog isn't about me or my creative efforts, or even those peculiar fushigi things I seem to like.

Today I would like to introduce you to Jessica through her Haiku:
I prefer shorts and
A blanket in cold weather
To Chicago Junes
Within Goodreads, which is a reading/writing oriented social networking site, there is extant a little group called Weekly Short Stories Contest and Company!
I have got to do
something about this wasteful
Rapunzel leisure
I stumbled into this quiet and unobtrusive — modest — thread by accident, and it has become a source of endless delight and genuine creative inspiration. It is one of the most creative little things I've discovered on the web and as such is an excellent example of what makes the web a social good. (Okay, okay, I spend more time sitting in front of the computer than my demands for exercise would like for my personal well being.) It is moderated primarily by a young college student whose energy and contributions are astounding. Alex's writing and energy and imagination are all a huge part of its success. And for the most part it is a venue for young people learning to write. The few older people like myself who participate also bring something to it, but I consider us to be the exceptions that prove the rule.
Her strange silhouette
That lurks, encompasses us
When the lights turn on
The WSS has expanded to include a delightful and quirky poetry thread called Weekly Poetry Stuffage :) Here I and the others who read this thread have been blessed to read a diverse range of poetry, much good, some not so good, and some truly excellent. One of the best, and some of the best poetry I've read anywhere, comes from the keyboard of a young woman by the name of Jessica.
Those heavy scented,
dusty Yankee aisles make
me want to vomit.
Jessica began the Haiku thread. Wow, has this been a fun thread. Huge creativity, both with 'real' Haiku and farcical, multi-verse, interleaved rhyming "Haiku." But Jessica has recently written some that hit me so hard I remembered them for days, and kept re-reading them. They need to be shared with the world. So here, with Jessica's permission are Jessica's recent Haiku:
Remember when he
crawled into a butcher's shop
and said, "I hear God"?

Remember when they
tied him up and put him through
the sausage machine?

And fed the whale with
his end bits, the ones that writhed
like belly dancers?

Residual sleep
fell down the tip of his nose
and stayed there awhile.

But the drowsiness
wore off toward a buff shine and
he asked for a dance.

These are a few of Jessica's Haiku. She has also written some astounding modern poetry.

With this blog I would simply like to publicly say, 'Thank you, Jessica! Keep writing.'


  1. You don't know how much this means to me, Guy. Thank you for such a kind post.

  2. Jessica, you are very welcome. Your writing blows me away. And not just me.

  3. Thank you Guy for sharing! This is wonderful!

  4. This is M, posting anonymously. Wonderful blog, Guy!

  5. Alex and Anonymous M, glad you enjoyed it. I've another mini-fushigi train(wreck) to put together soon.

  6. Anonymous m and guy this is anonymous al. Your fushigis are not train wrecks. They are most wonderful. I had forgotten I was not signed in. Blast this kindle doesn't want to capitals things. Ugh...anyway.

  7. P.s. you are so kind. Currently I think I should be doing more around the wss. This is my last week of school so hopefully I will be a better moderator than what I've been. You and m are so helpful and I thank you for that.

    1. Al, do not beat yourself up with 'should' - you are a very busy individual, and my helping even the tiny bit I have is the least I can do to the benefit of something I absolutely love being a part of. So, relax! And your moderation is non-pareil - I can see it is getting close to the time for a good 'should word' lecture! LoL.

      Glad you enjoy the blog, and the fushigis. Not sure if my goal of getting the next one done this weekend will happen - too busy. (But check out my book review of Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal.)

      And I very much enjoyed your take on 'London Kiss'! (I was beginning to think that my prompt was a dud - it took so long for people to start posting. And even I am being slow this time.)

  8. I love your prompt. I'm working on a story, but I don't think I'll have time to write the whole thing due to exams. My poem wasn't very good though, but thank you.

    I saw your review of JoSatP. It looks like an interesting book, but I'd never read it. I like to stay far away from that stuff.

    should would lecture? I probably need one of those. Here I am talking to you, reading your blogs when I should be studying for my exams. Ah well.

    lol, I hope you have a wonderful day!