Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012.03.28 — Published: A Sonnet & a Haiku

Enough of those dumb ass fushigi blogs. Now for a dumb ass blog of web-published creative writing.

The multi-media and very beautiful and engaging Houseboat blog and its multi-talented creator, writer/artist/photographer Rose Mary Boehm, has graciously published two of my poems in the last few days!

The first one is a Shakespearian sonnet that I wrote several years ago. Imagine that, not only is there at least one nut bar writing sonnets in the world, still, but there is also extant someone willing to ask my okay to publish it!
In Black, Shadow Puppets Dance - A Sonnet
       inspired by Kimberly Keith & Revised 2011.12.29

In black, shadow puppets dance with the light
That leaps in bounds to fire a new year born.
Wicked stories fill with dread an endless night
Of starry dreams dreamt once but now stillborn.

But how the gilt flames leap over these limits.
They tickle open hearts with glittering scenes
Of thick plated truths, gold carded credits,
Hard hitting livers and bilious spleens.

I stare and stare. To my dark eyes' chagrin
Sharp smoke caresses them and makes them tear.
I blink through brine and my mind starts to spin
A tale of two halves — my mask-face and fear.

     The flickering night has caught spots in my mind,
     Spots black in my mind my mind minds to find.
Now I have mixed feelings about the 'goodness' of this effort, but I think that at least a couple of the parts in it are more than acceptable.

Of course there are those in the world who viscerally loathe this format, like it was ipecac. Okay for those people they will be spared looking at the next poem that Rose published. That is in the even more despised Haiku format. This one came to be as an expression of my reaction to a subject photograph Rose published in the Houseboat to stimulate poetry.

Here's what I wrote.
I am a white dog
playing in the dirty snow
of late spring.
Hmmm. Now that I've written that — and the sonnet before that — you may be dis-inclined to visit the Houseboat blog. !f that is your feeling-reaction, please reconsider. HB has truly great poetry and visual art from real and seriously published writers, poets and visual artists like Joan Colby, Jefferson Carter, Ruth Bavetta and brilliant new poets like Sara Clancy and Danny Earl Simmons, Naomi and others.


  1. I happen to like your "dumb ass fushigi blogs". ;]

    HB is wonderful. I love all the different poems and writing you all do. If I wasn't so timid about my writing I'd stick around there.

    1. Hello, Alex! Apology for slow response. Seems like too many things have been sneaking into my days to get here, which is a rather sad comment on a pathetic state of affairs.

      You are the second person who has likes my fushigi thing! Hooray. That sounds like a majority to me so I guess I'll continue. To be honest, I was going to continue regardless — I have a stack of tiny one's to close March.

      So glad you enjoyed the HB - and you have no need to feel timid about your writing. I suggest that you go through and pick out some of your better stuff and submit a few of them to Rose. Or, better, write something inspired by some of the photos or other art pieces. I look forward to seeing some of your prose or poetical writing on the blog!

      Since you like making films, and HB wants diverse media, if you can link your prose/poem to a video (voice over, music, whatever), that would be fabulous.

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  3. Hi, Guy! Don't worry, I've been ill for four weeks now and it seems I have little time to do anything.

    Oh, I don't know. Everyone on HB is so creatively talented and skilled, my works are lame compared to theirs.

    Please, continue the fushigi! It's always entertaining to read. Your blog is always nice to read before crawling into bed with a cup of tea in hand.

    1. Alex, you underestimate your writing and creativity. Submit something to the HB - even one or more of your better popcorn threads. They are extremely creative and at their best approach brilliance.

      I hope you get feeling better soon.

  4. What?! The popcorn stuff is horrible. I just wrote it to brain storm and get my characters out of my head. :D Lol, thanks though. I'm glad you enjoy them. I'm afraid if I submitted one of the popcorn madness I'd have to submit them all for them to make any sense.

    I'll have to pop over to HB today and see what's going on. I haven't been keeping up to date on what's going on around there.

    I'm feeling a bit better today. Except now I have a sinus infection and I think I have pink eye. Shhh, don't tell anyone. Technically we're not supposed to come to class when we have some contagious illness. What they don't know won't hurt them. *wink, wink*